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Ignore certain email addresses

Good day, I am hoping to use this platform for our Residence Life department at a small University. However, I need to make sure that when campus-wide emails go out, that those are ignored, so the auto-response doesn’t go back out to campus and/or the sender.

We have distribution groups, like that we have access to, but if someone likes our President or Public Safety sends to allusers, I don’t want the system responding.

I currently set up a Mail Rule, but want to confirm that is the best route. Mail rule looks to see if the To or CC has that address, in it and set to Close Request w/ No Action Required.

I guess my second question is, if I set a mailbox rule within our email client (we use O365), to move those emails to a different folder, would that prevent the email from hitting the HelpSpot dashboard altogether?

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Yes setting up a mailbox rule in the O365 mailbox will cause the emails to not be ingested by HelpSpot. This is probably the best way to go as you are then sure to never see those emails in HelpSpot.

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We have a mail rule set up on our email side to just delete/archive the email so it never really gets seen by Helpspot.