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I'm not a web developer, but


I need to edit a very simple setup of Helpspot to match our company look and feel.

I’ve read over the documentation, but statements like “just edit the PHP” and “it’s extremely simple” unfortunately don’t help me.

I’m familiar with HTML. I can edit web pages in HTML, make changes, make updates, create pages from scratch etc etc. PHP I’m new to. CSS…heck I don’t even know what the acronym means.

I’m supposed to download SavantPHP to deal with the code, but it’s a tarball and I’m in a Windows environment with no intention of dual booting into a Linux distro just to do this.

Can someone point me to a set of instructions, step-by-step, of what I need to do in order to edit our Helpspot install.

Thank you!


Hi Daniel,

Where to find the original templates and where to put your modified versions can be found here:

Now, generally you can edit the files with just HTML knowledge, but it depends what you’re trying to do. For the most part you can simply ignore the PHP, just don’t edit it. If you stick with modifying the HTML you should be fine.

The main file you’ll probably want to edit is header.tpl.php as that’s the file that display the header of the portal (it’s included on every page so it’s used on every page).

CSS is a way of styling HTML elements from a central file rather than adding style information within the tag. For the most part you can add style information in the tag and it will work and you can ignore our CSS. If you want to edit the actual structure of the page though (move the navigation to the right side, etc) then there’s not really a way around styling or understanding the CSS.