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Increase Font Size in Workspace/Control Panel?


Is there any way or anywhere that the font size can be optionally increased for the HelpSpot workspace and control panel? The text is a little hard to see for some of the support staff.

We’re still evaluating the product but so far so good.


There’s no way to increase it from directly in HelpSpot, however you could edit the /default.css file to increase the font sizes. You’ll just need to make the changes again after each release.


That did the trick. Bonnie with the bad eyes thanks you.

For anyone else interested we changed the font-size for the ‘body’ from 10 to 11; the ‘input, text-area, select’ from 10 to 12; the history label from 10 to 11; the cclist from 9 to 10; and the table footer from 10 to 11. That pretty much stopped the squinting. The only font we couldn’t track down was the one for the knowledge base text editor.


Nice job Robert! The WYSIWYG editor for the KB is it’s own component and it’s CSS file is in a different location. You’ll want to adjust the values in:


I “think” what you want to edit is in editor_content.css and change the font size for body. You may have to play with that a bit though.