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Information Reporting - Case By Case



I’ve been looking around the site, forums and manuals and trying to figure out a way to do a particular thing.

What we’re looking to do is find a way to easily pass case information and procedures from a case onto support personnel once the case is marked problem solved or ‘closed’.

The basic idea we have is:
When we solve a problem for a customer, we’ve created a template where we fill in certain information and that will become the last note on the case.

Then the person doing the case marks it ‘Problem Solved’.
This is where we’d like to be able to send out an email to all support personnel (the easy part), but containing the last note in the case (hard part).

I’ve played around with automation a bit, with Table of Results and such but think it would be much easier to just hit the ‘down’ button in an email client and see the next entire case summary.

Any recommendations on the idea of information sharing between support staff, or how to go about what our idea is would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,



Hi Andrew,

Is this last note public or private? If it’s public you could use the full public history placeholders to do it though it will send the entire history not just the last note.

I’m not sure I fully understand, but another way might be to have a “staff member” who’s email is a distribution list. Then when this final note is added this staff person could be notified (via HS’s notify feature) which would generate an email to all staff on the distro list.

Another idea would be to use the API to query for requests recently closed, grab their details and generate the emails you need. This is more work, though provides for more control as well.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for the reply.

I realised after posting it that I could have turned my entire very long first post into a short simple line.

When the case is closed, we’d like to send a notifcation including the last private message to a support staff email address we have setup.

Kind Regards,



HelpSpot doesn’t have the concept currently of sending a message on close so it’s not something you’ll be able to do directly.

Now, in V3 we have triggers which will let you specify an action on close so you may be able to use that however there’s no placeholder for the last private note. Would sending a full history with all public and private notes work? Another option would be to define the template in the email and let what gets filled out by staff be custom fields, then you could use the custom field placeholders in the email template that’s sent.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for your help. I’ll see what I can do and let you know how it goes.

Kind Regards,