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Initial Implementation: Importing past emails


I’m just beginning to plan an implementation of HelpSpot, and I have a question for those who have been there already. Currently all of my support requests have been handled through email (about 4000 emails). I use Google Apps with Imap if it matters.

Anyway, I’m thinking about whether to import the old emails as new requests or not. I find that when a new request comes in, I often run an email search to check on the past tickets for this person. The HelpSpot History feature would be great for this scenario once the requests have been entered, but I’m wondering whether it’s worth importing the old ones or not. Could the Live Lookup feature be used instead to lookup past emails from Google Apps Gmail?

I guess I’m considering the balance of importing a bunch of data that isn’t “clean” (well categorized, etc) vs. starting with fresh clean data but missing the history. If anyone can relate to this and has any comments, please chime in. Thanks!


Also, as a follow up, will the original date/time of the email be preserved when imported?


John’s right. Also, what you need to consider is that currently your gmail box holds every back and forth you’ve had. So if you have HelpSpot import that box not only will you get the customers original emails but also every reply they ever sent and those will all be considered new requests. They will not be threaded together as HelpSpot does because HelpSpot has no way to know which replies belong to which emails as it does in requests it manages from the beginning.

Generally importing the old emails is not worthwhile as the history fades fairly rapidly and you can always login to gmail and search for information if something is needed. It’s very dependent though on your use and in some cases it does make sense to bring in the old data.


Got it thanks - that makes sense.

I noticed that when I search my email using the Gmail client, it goes to a URL like this:[accountname]

Just curious whether there is any automation that would allow me to create a dynamic link in helpspot which would build up this url by adding the search string at the end of the standard link to be the customer’s domain name?


You could add a link like this in Live Lookup. You can pass back HTML in a Live Lookup tag by using an xml cdata block. So you could link back to gmail.


Cool - that will provide fairly convenient access to the old data, without mucking up the database. Thanks for the response.