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Insert customer info button


Its a small thing, however, we just want that button to appear on the Customer Tab, not the Live Lookup tab. How do we move it?


Hi Sylvia,

That button is only relevant after a Live Lookup is run, so it appears on the LL box after the LL is run. Hope that makes sense.


Actually its relevant to the auto population of the ticket itself as well as the pulling of live lookup (we need the customer info to open live look up). The automatic reaction when Insert Customer Info is clicked is that it moves from the Live Lookup tab back to the Customer tab where we then have to return to Live Lookup to use it or continue on the with the ticket work.

Is there way to set a shortcut that populates the Customer info OR moving the button… (or autopopulating the full customer info as given on ticket!)


Hi Sylvia,

I’m not really clear on how you’re using LL I think. Are you setup to use LL as a two step process? Meaning are you calling LL twice, once to set basic customer information and a second time for further info? If so why not include all info on the first LL call?


I would LOVE to have the customer info populate when we open it but that so far has not happened…help?


That’s simply a matter of your Live Lookup configuration. You can have all the information in one Live Lookup call if you like. It’s not something in HelpSpot, it’s the LL file you (your staff) have created that defines what information is returned.

Modify that file and you should be all set.