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Inserting a unique code in a template and/or batch response



Our support group sends a lot of unique/one time use discount codes out to customers. We basically have a template response that provides the written instructions on how to apply the code to their order, then we copy and paste the code from a google doc where all the individual/unique codes are listed and we mark off each one as we use them.

The problem is if we have hundreds of emails where where we need to send out codes, there is really no way for us to batch respond to these. Is it possible to create a way for for us to create some logic where we include a custom placeholder (i.e. ##INSERTCODE##) within the template where it can pull a unique code automatically from a database of codes one by one and mark them them as used as the message is being sent out?

I assume this would require additional development, but if someone could let me know if this is in the realm of possibility and the technical mechanics of how I can get something like this rolling I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

  • Jeff


Hmm. Well, one idea that might be simplest would be to build a page outside of HelpSpot that displays discount codes for users. In the responses you could then just have Your little app would then get the email via the URL and show the coupon code for that email account. You could add more logic like checking if it’s been used, etc.

In terms of a pure HelpSpot solution the cleanest way would be to have a text custom field for the coupon code. Then using Live Lookup, you use your existing Live Lookup (or a new one just for this) that’s set to run via a trigger on every new request. The LL finds the coupon code for this user and sets it into the custom field at the time of request creation (via the on create trigger that runs LL).

So now you’d have a custom field with a coupon code in it for every request. Hence, you could setup batching and/or responses which reference this custom field coupon.

Since you’d be making a coupon for every request I suspect your Google Docs setup would break down and you’d need to do something more programmatic to manage the coupons though.


Thanks for the helpful insight, Ian.