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Install error


I had my host install for me up to the point where I ran the installer.
I am using the single user free version.
I ran the installer and got an error that a folder was not writeable. I made the folder writeable and reran the installer. I appeared to work, but I can’t long in with the user I created and it will not send me a password reset link.
Almost every table in the database (62 total tables) is empty. There are a total of 471 rows in all tables combined.
Not sure where users would be, the Person table? That table is empty.

Is there a way to log in?



HI Cliff,
Did you clear our the database before you reran the installer? It sounds like it didn’t finish out properly. You should have your user in the Person table.


Thanks, I just dropped all of the tables and tried again. I got this error:

An error occurred.

Please make sure the “data” directory, and its sub-directories, are writable by the web server.

I made sure that folder and all it’s subfolders were set to 777. Dropped all of the tables again, reran the installer still get that same error message.

What am I doing wrong?


My guess is that the data directory may not actually be the issue. I would enabled debugging in your config.php file and see if you get a more detailed error. To enable debugging, edit your config.php file and add or change the cDEBUG option to appear like so:

define(‘cDEBUG’, true);

This will do two things. Errors occurring within HelpSpot will be displayed in a error-reporting screen that shows the error, the file, and related information. Errors occurring within HelpSpot will also be logged to the data/log/helpspot.log file


Thank you. I turned it on and let my host try and run the install file. Not sure what they did, but they were able to get it installed.

Thank you


Great! Glad to hear it’s working.