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Install issue using the bash

Hi All,

I’m attempting to install HelpSpot on an Ubuntu 16.04 server running PHP 5.6.35 and MYSQL 5.7.23 --the appropriate databases have been created.

When running the newly downloaded script via sudo bash, the installation shows the ‘HelpSpot’ ASCII art, and immediately goes back to cmd prompt following the message:

Preparing Instalation…
Installing lsb_release command

However, I already have lsb_release installed, and the bash script just ends here without any errors.

Have any of you folks come across this installation strangeness before?

Many thanks for any thoughts on this one!

Figured it out, so I’ll leave this for others.

For some reason, in my case above, the install directions provided by HelpSpot did not work for me.

So, what did get the install going was using 2 commands:

‘sudo bash’


and the installation began.