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Install Troubles


New here, trying for a fresh install.

Server 2008 R2

Everything went smoothly until I got to the web-based installer. I try completing step 3 but get stopped as it requires a notification email to be entered; no option to configure later. I fill in this info and I get ‘whoops, looks like something went wrong’. I tried looking through logs but couldn’t find anything helpful.

I noticed in the KB the new CLI install method, but this does not work either as the commands fail due to being unknown.

Any advice is appreciated.


The first step would be to enable debugging. To enable debugging, edit your config.php file and add or change the cDEBUG option to appear like so:

define(‘cDEBUG’, true);

This will do two things. Errors occurring within HelpSpot will be displayed in a error-reporting screen that shows the error, the file, and related information. Errors occurring within HelpSpot will also be logged to the data/log/helpspot.log file

Let us know what errors you get back.