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Installation on macOS


I am trying to install this on a Mac running Serria and the server app, I am already using Wordpress on this Mac which includes a MySQL DB, all minimum specification are met or exceed. I have create the DB, when I run “sudo bash” is get the following response
$ sudo bash

| | | | | | / | _ __ ___ | |
| |
| |/ _ \ | ’
| ’
\ / _ | __|
| _ | __/ | |
) |) | |) | () | |_
|| ||_
|| ./___/| ./ ___/ _|
| |_|
Preparing Installation…
Installing lsb_release command

Files in the directory are license.txt

I presume the sh script has not been configured for a macOSX. Has anyone installed this on macOS? If so please can you list the steps that was followed to get it installed.




That install script only supports certain operating systems, MacOS happens not to be one of them. (See the Compatibility section for details on which it supports).

It is possible to run HelpSpot on MacOS, however. It’s just not an OS we officially support. That being said, installation is pretty similar to Wordpress. You can place the HelpSpot files on the server, edit the config.php file to point to your MySQL database, and head to yourdomainname/installer.php in your browser (at whatever URL is appropriate for your setup).

However, one caveat is that HelpSpot needs the IonCube Loader php module installed so it can read HelpSpot’s code. How to install IonCube on MacOS depends on how you installed PHP (perhaps you used Brew or perhaps you’re using the PHP that comes with MacOS).

In general the steps are to download the loader for MacOS 64 bit, and add the path to the ioncube loader (non-thread-safe, the file name that does NOT include “ts” in the file name) to your php.ini file:

This outlines some of those steps, although you may need to adjust your file paths as needed for your system: