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Installation problem - cannot access database


Before installing Helpspot, I created a MySQL db and a user with permissions to create tables. Then modified config.php accordingly. The installation starts & all the initial checks are OK, including ‘can connect to database’. When I click ‘Finish Installation’, I’m presented with a blank screen with a message ‘Cannot access database. If this is a new installation please go to the installer page.’ My database now has helpspot tables, so the problem does not seem to be permissions.

Any help will be appreciated.


How many tables are created? Make sure you allow all permissions on the database not just create.


Ian, 19 of the 36 tables were created. I have managed to work around the issue by doing a local install (which worked fine), scripting the local tables and importing these to the database on the live site.


Hmm ok just keep an eye on it. Also if you’ve set the database as mysqli change it to just mysql.