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Installation through cPanel


I’m installing it through cPanel
Followed Steps

  1. Uploaded on the subdomain folder
  2. Edited the config.php file

The Below is my config.php file. This is still giving me error Whoops, looks like something went wrong.
Please let me know where I’m missing out

 * How To Use This File:
 * 1. Copy and Rename this file to "config.php"
 * 2. Fill out/change necessary database credentials and base URL (cHOST).

 * Database Credentials
define('cDBTYPE',      'mysql');               // 'mysql', 'mssql' or 'postgres_helpspot'
define('cDBHOSTNAME',  '');           // e.g. '', 'localhost' or ''
define('cDBUSERNAME',  'example_help');
define('cDBPASSWORD',  'password');
define('cDBNAME',      'example_help');

define('cDBCHARSET',   'utf8');                // Use "utf8mb4" for MySQL 5.5.3+
define('cDBCOLLATION', 'utf8_unicode_ci');     // Use "utf8mb4_unicode_ci" for MySQL 5.5.3+

 *  Define search engine
define('SEARCH_ENGINE', 'database');            //Defaults to database search. 

 * SphinxSearch Search Engine (Not used by default)
define('cSEARCHHOST', '');
define('cSEARCHPORT', '9306');

 * General
define('cHOST',''); // Base URL used within HelpSpot, WITHOUT tailing slash "/"

define('cBASEPATH',   dirname(__FILE__));      // Base file path to HelpSpot
define('cDATADIR',    cBASEPATH.'/data');      // Path to server-writable `data` directory
define('cDEBUG',      true);                  // Setting to true will output errors to the browser and log file

@ian please help


You’ll want to enable debugging so you can see your actual error. To enable debugging, edit your config.php file and add or change the cDEBUG option to appear like so:

define(‘cDEBUG’, true);

This will do two things. Errors occurring within HelpSpot will be displayed in a error-reporting screen that shows the error, the file, and related information. Errors occurring within HelpSpot will also be logged to the data/log/helpspot.log file


Please confirm if the file above (config.php) is correctly edited? I have some doubts, if it is


If that is exactly how your config.php is setup that will not work. You need to fill it in with the details for you environment. The errors provided by turning on debugging will be helpful.