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Installer blank page


I know that this topic is discussed in other posts but I found no solution to my problem in those. I am running the laster version of PHP and Zend Optimizer and the installer.php still shows me a blank page.

Any ideas?



Hi Robyn,

Can you tell me what platform you’re on and what database you’re trying to use.

Common things to check are:

  1. Trying to use a database for which the extension is not loaded in PHP.
  2. Having a misstype in the cDBTYPE variable in the config.php or introducting other characters in the config.php file which are invalid.


On other quick thought. If you unpacked the file on your local machine, then moved it to there server there’s a chance the files were corrupted. If that’s the case you could re-upload the tar.gz file and unpack it on the server.


I’ve verified the vars in config.php and I didn’t unpack the gz file on my local machine before uploading.

We’re running Linux TSL 2.2, using mysql v4.1.



turned out to be a permission problem. all sorted now.



HelpSpot has never been tested on that flavor of Linux, perhaps there’s an incompatibility, though HelpSpot doesn’t use any code not directly provided by PHP.

I’m guessing that it’s some type of file permission issue. Check that the files are executable and also try the new installer I sent, which should display any errors if something is wrong inside the script.


Ah, excellent!

Let me know if you have any other trouble.