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Installer Problem


I get a Blank Page after clicking on “Finish Install” I have created the database (MySQL) and user account with all privileges to it. When I click on “Finish Install”, all I get is a blank page, with no error message. It appears that the database is not being populated with the tables and views.


Hi Mark

A few quick questions for you:

Can you look in the root directory of the installation and tell me if the config.php file has been created or not. What operating system and web server are you on? Do any the fields you’re filling out contain any “odd” characters or things that could be breaking the script like apostrophes?


No config.php exists. The directory is set for owner=root, group=apache. Owner as well as group rights are flagged as rwx.

The OS is Red Hat 8.0, with Apache 2.0.40.

I’m ‘squeaky clean’ as far as characters go. Nothing unusual here.


We’ve run it on that exact platform so everything should be OK there. I would say that it’s trouble with the Zend Optimizer, but you shouldn’t have even made it that far in the installation process. Perhaps you have an old version of the optimizer running? What version of PHP are you running on there?


Hi Ian,

Thanks for your quick responses. I’ve got PHP 4.2.2, with Zend Optimizer v2.5.10, which I just installed on this box to support HelpSpot.


No problem, just trying to get everyone in the beta up and running. I think this last post found your problem. HelpSpot uses functions that have only been in HelpSpot since the 4.3 series. You’ll need to upgrade PHP and everything should work fine. I would recommend downloading the latest one of course.

Sorry to make you jump through one last hoop, but you should be OK after that. You’ll also be running a much more secure build which will be a plus.

Let me know how it goes.


I mean only in PHP since 4.3 :slight_smile:


I am facing the same problem. After I enter database details. The installer displays a blank screen. There is no config.php in root directory either.

I am trying it on Textdrive. PHP Version 5.0.4.


Bug in your forum code. I had entered the above two URLs on different lines and it didn’t format it correctly.


Mark you may want to follow this thread as it’s looking like the blank screen may be a permissions issue:

However, you’ll still need to upgrade to PHP higher than 4.2