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Installing Helpspot on a shared server


I am trying to install helpspot on a Bluehost shared server and am having a problem I would appreciate help with.
This is a new install using a previous database. The software is installed in the public_html directories, ioncube has been installed with notation in the local php.ini file, config.php has been configured, permissions have been set and the site is accessible.
I rerun the ioncube loader-wizard script and get the following message:
Loader Installed
The ionCube Loader version 6.1.0 for PHP 5.2 is already installed but it is an old version. It is recommended that the Loader be upgraded to the latest version if possible.
Accessing the site generates a http 500 error. Suggestions and questions are welcomed. Thanks for your time and help.


It looks like you have an old version of ionCube Loader already installed on the server, you will want to remove that version and updated to the latest version.


Thank you for the information. It is appreciate. I have updated the ioncube loader so that the loader-wizard script shows it as current.
Unfortunately the installer.php and other Helpspot scripts produce a blank page when accessed by browser.
I’ve successfully installed HP on servers with root access. This is the first shared server lacking admin access.


Do you have access to your php error and apache error logs? That would be the first place I would check.


Thank you. I did that found the error with the php version. I have it up and running now and trying to figure the cause of a “Attachment File System Directory is not writable” message.
I’ve set ip address permissions, chowned the right user:group combination, chmod 755 the directory contents. Still the same message.
Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Thank you


My first thought is to check the data/documents folder and CHMOD it 777 but leave the contents at 755.


I appreciated your help with my Helpspot this week to get it working. I’m encountering two small challenges.

I get the following header w1. hen I save a page in Admin / Settings / *. srv/www/htdocs/data/documents is set to 755 with wwwrun/users.
2. Create chron jobs for tasks.php and tasks2.php in Webmin running as root. Both scripts return a permission denied error when run.

Thanks for your time and have a good morning.