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Instant reply + attachment



we currently use Mail Rules + instant reply to send our customers a email that we’ve received the request.
But when the customer sends us a email including a attachment, he will get the reply including this attachment. Is it possible to prevent this?




Hi Alexander,

I checked the code and instant reply doesn’t send back attachments. Perhaps the customers mail client is threading it together so that it appears there’s an attachment?


Hi Ian,

thats crazy, it happens just sometimes.
But i can see the attachment in Helpspot.
I’m not sure if its just a view problem, and the customer didn’t received the attachment.
Here is an example:



Yes, that’s just a bug actually :slight_smile:

It’s not actually going to the customer. I’ll have to check to see if the changes in V3 address that, but it’s definitely not sending to the customer just a bug in the display code to you.

Sorry for the trouble.