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Integrated Chat


Just as a feature request, an integrated chat or messaging feature would be great. We currently use openfire and spark, often we see a tech is viewing a ticket and it would be great if we could open a quick chat session with them right from HelpSpot.


Hi Joshua,

We haven’t looked at those projects in a while, seems like they’ve come a long way. Chat isn’t on the short term list but we’re going to be looking into that and other bigger addition more now that V3 is out the door.


Hi Ian,

Just one comment on this: while I think it might be useful to have integrated chat for some users, please make sure to have an option to turn it off. Everything seems to have a chat option these days (my email has a chat, my online diagramming has a chat, even my phone system has a chat) and it drives me crazy when we already have a dedicated chat solution in place to have all these side channels to worry about.



Certainly, it would be optional. Thanks for the feedback.