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Integrating Active Directory/LDAP with Search Request History By Customer Email


I’m interested in securing the “Search Request History By Customer Email” feature as described here:

I would like to be able to integrate it with an Active Directory/LDAP login. The Help Desk that I’m working with already has Live Lookup enabled with Active Directory. It’s working via “HTTP(s) - via Get” and the script is based off of the live_lookup_ad_and_ldap.php file.

Are there any examples of someone successfully integrating the live lookup into the request.check.tpl.php template?

And if not, could you provide some pointers as to how I should get started with an integration such as this?

Mike S


I think it would be best to not use that hack script and instead secure the portal via BlackBox. You can probably use the same credentials as the Live Lookup scripts. Here’s the details on how:



Thanks for the suggestion. I went through the configuration steps for Black Box and ended up with the following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'adLDAPException' with message 'No LDAP support for PHP.

I contacted the host because I thought this could be resolved by having them installing a LDAP PHP extension for the account I’m working with.

However, the host does not want to provide this extension for Shared hosting accounts. So I plan to revisit this later when we upgrade or switch hosts.

More details of what I’m trying to do when I come back to this:

We have a separate LDAP server with user accounts of all the customers that will be using our HelpSpot portal. Many of these users have never used the portal before and have no account set up within the portal. When a user makes a request for the first time and future times we are hoping that users can securely look up their request history from the Request Check page by either logging in or already being logged in to their LDAP accounts.

  1. Is the above scenario achievable through Black Box?

  2. After I set up Black Box properly is it supposed to just work with the Request Check page ( request.check.tpl.php ) or do I need to add other code to that page to integrate it?

Thanks for your help,
Mike S


Hi Mike,

Yeah, you may need to move it either in house or to something like a dedicated VM.

Once you have that going it should work fine with Black Box, the only thing is Black Box currently can’t check if they’re already logged in. They’ll always have to re-authenticate.

Once you get the portal setup for Black Box going you won’t have to modify any code on the request.check.tpl.php.


Hi Ian

Followed your given link to configure “Request Check” with Ldap on User portal. Facing issue: After loging with user’s Domain username and password it says. “Whoops Looks like something went wrong”. Can you please help me on this?