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Integrating into our own site


I have been able to get the form onto our new site’s dev area page by simply copying and pasting the form elements. Im having two issues,

  1. the form action has to be the same as the old one, redirecting to the page you host, I dont want to go to another page I want to pop a success msg via AJAX on submit
  2. when a new category is created its not updating on the new page.

Im guessing that both of these issues are related to the WebServices API not being activated. If this is correct what other steps do I need to take to make this work? I dont have access to the Admin area, but can get it done if that is indeed the path I need to follow.

Thank you,


in reply to your reply:
I apologize up front for being less than stellar at this, Im a designer/front end developer by trade trying to implement this as Im the one who is tasked with it. Right now the web service API is not enabled, and the testing area Im using is on a different host (if that matters). so when I get the API enabled, how do I make the API call? Im ok with PHP, but couldn’t find a clear step by step process on your site as Im not as skilled as most of your client im sure. Once this is accomplished Im guessing this will take care of my submit and updating select list issues? I really appreciate your help.