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Integrating old helpdesk issues from other system


We’re just starting up using helpspot and currently use another helpdesk system (goldmine) with a different ticket number format. Is there any way of integrating the old helpdesk tickets into Helpspot. The problem we have is that now that we’re switching over, we are still getting e-mails replying to the open help desk tickets on the old system. Each reply creates a new request number. I’m trying to minimize confusion as much as possible.


Hi Steven,

We don’t have any import script for that system. You should be able to move it, but you’ll need to put some time into writing a script to do so. To pull out the old values and reformat for the HelpSpot db format. We can assist with describing what the fields do if you decide to go this route.

If you have the option of (temporarily) switching your email address you could run the new help desk on a new email and leave the old one on the current email until old support requests are threw. Then switch back (or have HelpSpot check both boxes) once there’s no old requests left.