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Integrating Open Request View With Other Websites


I work for county government MIS department. We have purchased HelpSpot and have found it very useful. We are so impressed we would like to show it off to the other employees around the county. Our idea is to have large display in the lobby of our office with all our work requested listed. I have accomplished this by setting up a filtered view under my login. This has live view enabled, and only show currently open request. No here is my problem, I would like to show this as part of another webpage. The webpage would include an animated flash banner with our departments information. I also have been asked to place a project board on this page that would scroll through all the major projects our department is working on. What would be the best method of assembling this page to include the table from our HelpSpot helpdesk with our open request as well as the other components as mentioned. My first thought was to use frames, but this is cumbersome and not very appealing. I open to any and all ideas. Thanks


Hi Sheldon,

That’s great! This sounds very cool.

There’s a few ways you could do this. The easiest might be to do an iframe which is embed in the page and so doesn’t look as bad as normal frames.

The most flexible way requires a little bit of coding, but you can use the private API (private.filter.get) to pull in all the requests that match your filter and then output them any way you like. This gives you complete flexibility in how it’s integrated, what it looks like, etc.