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Is it possible to add RequestID attribute to the Live Lookup script?



Right now script uses customer_id and email attributes in order to find and pick the customer data from our database and place them within HelpSpot, anyway requirements are, that script should also use RequestID (xRequest) number. On the Configuration and Implementation page it is said, that following fields are passed to the script: # xStatus # xCategory # xPersonAssignedTo but there is no xRequest attribute, so I would like to ask if there is any workaround to this problem?

Pawel Karwowski


It doesn’t currently pass in the request ID and there’s no way around that. We’ll take a look at adding that in a future release though.


I’m not exactly sure how you’re using it but you may want to use Request Push for this instead. It’s the API designed for syncing/pushing requests data to external systems. That’s not really Live Lookups main function.