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Is it possible to create a custom ticket?


As a help desk professional, sometimes I get phone calls (password resets, etc) that are quick fixes. Creating the ticket from scratch in help spot actually takes more time than the resolution for the problem did. Is there a way to choose from frequently used ticket templates that already have fields like “status” and “category” populated with the information from a previously resolved issue?


Hi Mike,

Sure, though it doesn’t work exactly like that. All you need to do is create a response, you can do this from the Workspace. You’ll see 3 buttons near the top including Responses.

There you can setup default text (in this case perhaps an outline for what to put in the note field) and farther down you can set what the status, category and other fields should be when you use this response.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for the fast response. I tried what you said and it works quite well. Routinely, my boss will ask me to create a new users. Is there a way I can auto-populate the customer data with his name in the response that I have newly created?


Currently, you can’t set those fields so that would still have to be manual. You could create a response for that and put his info in the note body so it’s just a quick cut and paste.