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Is the IMAP extension required for HelpSpot



During the installation of the trial version yesterday I was told by HelpSpot that the PHP IMAP extension is not installed, but this is ok if I don’t plan to use the IMAP mailboxes.

However, when I know go to Admin / Mailboxes I get the following message “The PHP IMAP extension is not installed. This extension is required to use the email integration features.”

Please advise and thanks.


Forgot to mention, in case this is not clear, I only have POP3 mailboxes which I was planning to use with Helpspot.

Thus the question.


Hi Sergey,

In PHP the IMAP extension handles both IMAP and POP mailboxes so you’ll need to install the extension if you want any type of email access. Sorry for the confusion, I don’t like how the extension is named either.



Thanks for the explanation. I’ll just need to install the IMAP extension then.

One more thing I’ve noticed – I was asked during the initial installation the system time and I think it was not saved when the installation was complete, since in Admin / Settings / System I still had the default timezone set (in “System Time Zone” option).


Thanks Sergey. I don’t believe the installer asks for your time, but I’ll check that. In any event you can go ahead and set it in the admin.


How do we install the PHP IMAP Extention


Hi Bart,

This varies based on your server type. Details can be found here:

If you’re on windows you probably just need to uncomment the line in the php.ini for the imap extension and restart your web server. On Linux/Unix you’ll need to compile the extension.