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Is there a global template for email auto reply?


I’ve found that I can define the auto reply email template for each mailbox individually, but I can’t find a global template in Admin -> Tools -> Modify Email Templates. Is there somewhere else I sound be looking?


Hi Chris,

No, the auto reply template is only used for mailboxes and each mailbox has it’s own. If you’re looking to modify the auto reply used by the portal, that can be edited in Admin->Tools->Modify Email Templates->Request Created by Portal Form


We are looking at having 30 or so individual mailboxes - having to change each one (to the same thing) is going to be somewhat time consuming and potentially error prone. Someone also has to remember to do it when any new mailbox is set up in the future. It would be helpful to have a global template for this without having to change each individual mailbox. If this isn’t already a requested feature, could it be considered for a future release?




Well there’s another way around this. You could turn off the default auto reply for all your mailboxes. Then, setup a Mail Rule (Admin->Tools->Mail Rule) which has no conditions and does an instant reply to the customer.

Since, Mail Rules only act on new emails this will provide the same thing as the auto reply. The only difference (and this may or may not be important in your case) is that an auto reply is logged. So each request will get this reply as a history note, where the built in auto reply does not log.