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Is there a new version?


If so, what’s changed?



Hi David,

Yes there is. If there is a message in your admin you can download it right through there if you like. If the message hasn’t appeared for you yet let me know and I can email you a direct link to a download for your installation.

You can find the release notes here:

Major changes include a fix for a CGI error on Windows when running MS SQL and IIS, advanced tags added to the email parser, and a setting to either strip HTML out of requests or escape the HTML.


It still says the usual:

‘A new helpspot version is available: 1.0’

The zip file appears as There’s nothing to say which version it is.


That was a bug in the initial release, the new release fixes that so it correctly shows what the latest version number is if a new one is available. The latest is 1.03. You can still download it via that link in the admin since only the latest version is ever available for download.