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Is there a way to edit an issue title


Hi there;

I was just wondering if there was a way within HelpSpot to update request titles. We frequently have rather ambiguous request titles appear and it would be nice to be able to maintain them without having to create and manage a custom field.



Hi Jason,

There’s not really a title field in HelpSpot. There is email subject lines which can be edited in the public note options on the request page. If you want a true title though the best way is with a custom field.


We have a number of external reporting tools running off of our HelpSpot data that use the HS_Request.sTitle field as a summary of the request/issue contents without needing to refer to the full note history or retrieve the last note. What I was looking for was an easy way to update that sTitle field.



Ah, well that field corresponds to the email subject line option under the public note options. So when you send a public note if you update that field it will change the sTitle column (in HS 2.4.7).