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Is there Spellcheck in Beta?


Hello, I cannot seem to find the spellcheck info for the Beta. Am I looking in the wrong spot, or is this gone now?


We did remove the spellchecker that was built into the system. It wasn’t nearly as good as the browser based ones and now that all the browsers have them it seemed like the right time to remove it.

If you’re on IE 10/11 on Windows 8 here’s how to turn it on

Sorry if that’s causing you any trouble!


Thanks for your response! One of our customer support members mentioned that they used it all the time. She uses the Chrome browser. Now that the spell checker is gone, we are unable to spellcheck using the editor. The browser will spellcheck input fields like the “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email”, “Phone”, and Customer ID", but in the Note section, the browser does not spellcheck.


Ok, good news, I switched her user to use the other editor and she was happy to use spell check again. :smile: Thanks Ian!


Ah OK great. Definitely Chrome should be fine as we use it. Another thing to check was just if it was off:


I don’t have that menu option in my chrome browser. I’m on Windows 7, fyi.
This is what my context menu looks like:

Whenever I go to “Language settings…” I can see where we have our spell checking enabled. Though we don’t have an option for “Check Spelling While Typing”.

So in the default Note editor, the spellcheck doesn’t work:

In the First Name field, the spellcheck does work:

Finally in the other editor, the spellcheck does work:

So we just switched our customer service member to the other editor. Perhaps these screenshots might help you out though to see what was going on :smile:


Ah interesting. OK well the other editor is fine for now, but we’ll take a look. Could be something we need to tweak in that browser.



What version of HelpSpot do you happen to be using? One version of the beta removed it (I believe 4.0.5), but then the next version release fixed an issue where the WYSIWYG specifically disallowed the browser-based spell check to function (who does that?!)

An update to a newer release of HelpSpot (if you’re using the beta) is likely all you need!


Hi Chris, I am using version 4.05 :smile: I will definitely check that out! I didn’t realize there was newer release of the beta out. Thanks!


Gotcha! Right we didn’t officially email them out (yet), but they are available in under “Other available releases” when you go to download HelpSpot.

Let me know if you need help accessing that! It’s relatively new, so users who have not accessed it before need to do a password reset with an email on file to get a password.


Oh, perfect! I see it now! I was in here once whenever I was looking for beta updates but didn’t realize it was under Other Available Releases. It makes since now! Thanks chrisfidao!


Just a follow up. I installed the latest version of HelpSpot 4.0.7 and it has fixed our issue! Thanks everyone!


Awesome! Thanks for letting us know.