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Is this only a ticketing system?



I don’t understand the functionality of this product. What basic need does it answer to?

Is this a ticketing system only? What is the purpose of the product? Why would an organization be satisfied with it?
After all this is not a CRM software, so how do you archive all communication with the customer in the same place (in CRM)?

As far as the API, I have not seen many examples and the examples you do mention are showing how to display info from CRM (ie., to HelpSpot, but not how to store info from HelpSpot to CRM.




Hi Oren,

Yes, HelpSpot is a help desk software application (ticket system) not a CRM in a sales sense. So if you use a CRM to manage your sales channel you can integrate HelpSpot with that tool.

If you’d like to integrate HelpSpot with your CRM that’s possible. We don’t have examples of that but you’d use our Web Service API for that: