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Issue closed but customer email not sent


I’m loving HelpSpot! But…

I just updated and closed an issue for a request that was pulled in through email integration. Responding like this normally sends an email to the client. However, this morning my SMTP server can’t be contacted. Unfortunately HelpSpot dutifully closed the issue and didn’t tell me that the message was not sent to the user. With no error reporting (other than scanning through the error log) I can’t ever be sure that I’ve truly replied to the customer.

Is there a fix?


Hi Doug,

There’s not currently a fix, but in version 2 (entering beta around the end of June) there’s a new preference to return you to the request after closing instead of returning you to the queue. If you enable that then you’ll be able to catch those smtp errors.

In terms of checking, you can always enter some of the requests you responded to this morning, smtp errors are logged right in the request history (as well as the error log) so you can easily see if your closing note was sent or not.


Hi Ian–

Thanks for the response. I’d really rather not have to keep checking–I’d much rather just assume it all worked.

One suggestion: How about an icon somewhere indicating there are unseen errors in the error log? When the error log is seen, that flag is reset. At least that way I can be most productive (and return to the queue when closing which is nice) and only have to do extra duty/investigation/checking when something goes wrong.


I think what we may end up doing is always returning to the closed view when an error occurs, that way you won’t be thrown out to the queue and you’ll be able to see the error. I’ve put this down for when that section of code is worked on.