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Issues Recieving Emails during Certain times


Hey guys,

I am having issues with recieving emails from our exchange server, but only at certain times. It will repopulate emails around 9:10AM and will cut off some time around 2:30AM. I have set the business hours to wide, so that shouldn’t be happening. The tickets I recieve are from email the previous day too. It seems like helpspot is picking and choose what and when to choose emails to be considered tickets.

Thank you for your time and I hope i’m not too vague. If so I will be more than happy to field questions to narrow down this issue.


Hi Sean,

Hmm, Helpspot doesn’t restrict import based on times at all. However, tasks.php (the script that imports the emails) is run based on a cron or windows scheduled task. Perhaps the server is going to sleep at that time or something? Or the schedule is just setup wrong? Normally you’d have it set to run every minute all day long.