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Issues Trigger/Automation flagging tickets as urgent



We have created custom fields in order to identify paying customers more
easely. However, when I attempt to make a Trigger or an Automation rule to flag
these clients as paying customers and flag the ticket “urgent” … it
seems to not be working…

This is what my automation rule looks like, when
I test it, it does detect all the “flagged” tickets… however it
refuses to make any old or new tickets flagged as urgent.

I’ve also tried with triggers, with the same result… its not flagging
the tickets as urgent, neither old or new.

We are using version 3.1.1

Thanks for your time!



I’m not sure from this how you know they’re paying. Can you elaborate on that? Usually rather than an trigger or rule to set this sort of custom field it’s better to use Live Lookup. That will let you query your customer database and set any field values you need including custom fields.


Our dev team was able to modify our web form when our clients contact us to verify if that client is a paying customer, if yes it checks off one or two custom fields. (custom fields being isPurchaser and isSubscriber in the screenshot above)

My issue is simply setting a Trigger or an Automation to flag these tickets as urgent when these custom fields are checked.

Thanks again!


Ah, OK. A trigger would generally be better for this. You should be able to do an ‘on create’ trigger which looks for isSubscriber now is checked and have the action to set urgent.

An alternate method you may want to consider is just using filters. Since you already have the custom field as the flag, the urgent flag is kinda duplicative. You could just create (or adjust existing) filters to show you only requests where isSubscriber or isPurchaser is checked.


For the time being I am indeed using a filter, however since we are handling multiple languages ( 3 customer support employees) a Trigger would perform better.

I am including a picture of my Trigger at this time, I have used status now is active, Open/close is now open… I can’t get it to work properly. It either flags as urgent all the tickets coming in or none of them.


OK we’ll take a look. Can you let me know your HelpSpot version. We want to try and replicate it here.


Sorry, just notice you have that in the initial note. There were trigger bug fixes since then, we’ll check it with the latest version though and see how it goes.


OK we checked it out and it is working with that same configuration in HelpSpot 3.2.12 (latest release). It’s likely an older bug hitting you, I’d recommend upgrading to fix it up.


Excellent thank you for your help ! :slight_smile:


Great, let us know if that doesn’t fix it up.