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Java Script Errors


I have downloaded the trial version of this software. However there are lots of areas within the system where I cannot click on a link or use a button as IE and Firefox cannot run them. IE shows various Javascript errors on each page, not allowing me to use the functionality.

Has this happened befored?



Hi D,

No something is incorrect with your setup. Make sure the cHOST variable in config.php is the correct path to the installation with no trailing slash. Also be sure that all the files which should be in the /js folder are there. You may want to unzip the files again and move the entire /js folder over again to be sure they’re all there (move as binary if you’re ftping).



Works fine now, quite right, I had to copy the config.php to a temp name untar again and move the config.php back. I then clicked install to get it to upgrade even it was the same version and it worked fine.

Thank you.