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Jpgraph error - "A plot has an illegal scale"


Any suggestions on how to fix a “jpgraph error” box on the “Administrator Dashboard” section of the page?

It says in the error box: “A plot has an illegal scale…”. This has never worked with our (now 2 month old) install and I’m guessing its something simple.

thx! michael


Hmmm, haven’t seen that error before. Does your PHP have GD installed? What version of PHP is it?


From the System Information page:

PHP Server Variables (php:5.1.6 , zend:2.1.0)
gd.jpeg_ignore_warning -

PHP Installed Extensions


You could try turning on the setting to ignore the warning. Do you get the same error in the reports themselves in the little graph in there? If you could send us your login information and URL we’ll login and take a look.