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Knocking out Microsoft CRM


Hello Ian,

We’ve just started a trial of Helpspot and are very impressed - it seems to tick all our boxes including some we didn’t know we had. My mission is to build a case for using it instead of a nascent MS Dynamics CRM solution within our small organisation. The only issue that isn’t immediately obvious to me is the only thing that our current “solution” does acceptably:

  1. We manually add users (email addresses) to CRM and allocate them to a pre-existing customer
  2. CRM recognises that user in future and so can populate the customer ID automatically when we manually select to have an email converted to a CRM Case.

I have to build a fiscal and MIS-based case to ditch CRM which is driving us all nuts, as you may imagine. I know we could interface to the CRM database somehow with your Live Lookup feature, but we don’t want to do this every time we receive a request. I hope this is a common problem which you know how to address as it’s the only area I can’t compete with Helpspot on against MS!



Hi Steve,

Great to hear! Currently there is no concept of pre-adding customers to HelpSpot. We consider that the domain of a CRM.

However, presumably you have some other system, any other system where you have customer ID’s etc. So you can hook HelpSpot to that system and retrieve the information via Live Lookup.

It will run on each request but that’s not a problem, it’s a feature! This way information is always live and up to date. It can also be fully automated to run either when a staffer enters the request or even to run on request creation with a trigger.