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Knowledge base - can I show full hierarchy of all books and all content?


hi - I would like to develop a FAQ system based on the KB being pulled into my site via the API, however - rather than having to click on each book then chapter then page to get the information, I would like to basically have it all as one entire page.

once the content is being pulled out in its entirety I would like to then build in an “accordion” style selection for each answer, therefore making it not have to refresh the page each time a topic is clicked.

I can see that in the portal you have a printer friendly link, which simply displays the various levels of KB in one go. is this possible through the API? if not - how do I achieve this?

to recap - I would like from the very top - to the very bottom a list of all books, the chapters within, and the pages within those chapters listed


Yes, that’s no problem. With the API simply pull in everything, you would then build the accordion in the HTML/javascript. There’s nothing that prevents this in the API, using api method kb.getBookTOC with the fWithPageHTML option you’ll get a tree with chapters and pages all together.