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Knowledge Book Attachments and IE Content Advisor


A large number of our clients use IE’s Content Advisor. They are all having issues downloading files that are attached to knowledge book articles (zip and pdf files).

After clicking the link, IE’s page progress bar crawls. Eventually the save dialog box appears and the file can be saved however zip files and most pdfs are corrupt.

The process takes just as long over a local connection to the server.

Turning off content advisor allows the file to be downloaded as normal.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Brad,

This is a new one. In some quick research I’m not sure what can be done from the HS end as the system is designed to not allow control from the website, so I don’t think there’s a header or anything like that we could send which would disable it for the downloads.

I’m going to put it down for more research though.

Do zips and pdfs work when linked directly? That would be odd as HS sends the correct headers for the file types being served, but if that was the case you could put a folder on the server and upload the files there then link to them from the KB’s directly as a work around.