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Large number of requests in my queue


I had more than 80 open requests in my queue and now all new requests starting from 77th are marked unread, no matter if they really are unread or not. Right now I closed three oldest requests and now I have three less “unread” ones. Isn’t it funny? :slight_smile:


Hmm, that is odd. I often have more than that and have tested more than that and not seen this error. Perhaps this is a browser issue? Can you try from another type of browser (FireFox, IE) and see if you get the same result.


Nope, the same result from all browsers. I closed some tickets and the problem disappeared for a while, but now there is more that 77 requests, and I have the same problem again.


In config.php can you tell me what the value if cDBTYPE is?




OK thanks. Do you know what version of MySQL you’re server runs?


Hmm. Would it be possible to let me login and see this directly? If so please send your URL and login to customer.service at and I’ll take a look.