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Last public note in template


Hi Ian and other forum users,

Just wondering if this had been discussed before. You can include the customers last email in the outgoing template, along with your message, but I cannot determine a way to have this happen for other lat public note (email or otherwise).

I ask because in a certain circumstance we’d like to use the private api methods to create a request, update with additional info in a private note after, but have the response from our support team include the original public note.

It would appear that the inclusion using ##LASTCUSTOMEREMAIL## only works when the public note is submitted via email, and not when added via the API, even if fOpenedVia is set to Email.

Any insight is appreciated.

Jason @ freshview (campaignmonitor)


Hi Jason,

Sorry for the delay, not sure how this slipped by.

I think I will need some more details on what exactly you’re trying to do. Are you saying when you update the request via the private API the placeholder in the email template doesn’t actually send the last customer email?


Thanks for getting back Ian.

What we’re trying to do is this - rather than have a support form email the request, which then gets handled by HelpSpot, and whose contents can be included in our teams reply with ##LASTCUSTOMEREMAIL##, we want to submit this first request via the API.

We want to do this as immediately afterwards, we want to update the request with a private note containing data have collected about the users actions prior to submitting their request. It could be done the other way around, but the basic need is to have the generated request ID returned, so that we can update the particular request.

The problem is, we still want to use our basic response template which includes the ##LASTCUSTOMEREMAIL## placeholder. Unfortunately, it appears that this is not picking up the last public note added via the API, even if this is set using fOpenedVia to contact by email (and if either private api or public api methods are used to add the note).

Hope this clears up the workflow we are using, and the problem we are running into.



Ah, yes I see what you’re saying now. Yes, it won’t currently work like that as it has to be a true email (with headers, etc). But I have a few ideas.

First, in HS 2.7 (coming soon) there’s a new placeholder which sends all public notes back regardless of where they came from. This will likely be your solution.

In the meantime though, you could create the request with the private note via the API, get the ID and then generate an email into the system. Put the ID in the subject line {ID} and it will be appended to the correct request. Your last email template tag would then work.