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Lastname field not appearing in request_history.item


when I do a http xml request with method request.get, an xml is returned that pretty much is according to spec [1], however, for the request_history.item nodes, I do not receive a lastname field. The (partial) response is like:

		<sRequestHistoryHash />
		<files />

Is this a bug or should I refine my request?



There is a last name filled in (the last name shows correctly in the request.sLastName element (and the request.fullname for that matter). However, for the individual items, no lastname element is present.


Hi Rikkert,

Since the public API is more open we allow you to control all fields that are returned by it’s API calls. To enable that last name value go to Admin->Settings->Web Service API, click request.get in the public request fields and check the box next to “request_history.lastname”

That should do it.