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Layout of the Update Request and Update and Close buttons


We often “quote public history” on our technical emails. Several of these emails may have multiple back and forth replies. Having to scroll down to the bottom of the page every time is a little inefficient, epically for the longer issues.

Is it possible to also put the “Update Request” and “Update and Close” Buttons at the top as well so they are located in both places.

We have also received a few request for the Public note options to be available at the top instead of the bottoms as well.


Hi Aaron,

If you’re quoting the history just for customer reference this can be done instead by including the history in every outbound email via a placeholder in public notes to customers email template.

Also if you’re not on Version 3 yet, it includes a “reply above” feature. This helps the history from getting so long as the text below the reply above area will be dropped so only new text is stored and displayed.

The button locations cannot be changed at this time, I’m not sure above the note would be much faster than below it but in version 3 you could probably modify this with a custom admin theme template that used javascript to insert buttons at the top which when clicked, click the “real” buttons below to perform the actions.


We would like to move the Update/Update Close buttons as well. On our building laptops the users have to scroll down quite a bit sometimes to simply close the request. From the above reply it appears that this can’t be changed, however, I thought I’d check just to be sure. Can we move things around on the request page, maybe by editing the php?