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Leave E-Mail Copy on Server


We are using IMAP for accessing E-Mail and would like to leave a copy on the server for backup. Is there a way to do this?


Not currently, you can setup your email server to have a rule which forwards to another account though. So just have it forward to a backup account every time it receives an email.


This would be a nice to have!

Our workflow is to allow the support person to “take” the request, and at that time remove the email from the inbox. We do get some emails in our support inbox that are not support related, that we just need to file for internal use.

Any suggestions on how we can implement this? Without this “take” capability, we would need to monitor both the backup file and the email box itself.


I guess it depends what you mean by “file”. You could just categorize it as such in HelpSpot and it is in essence filed. It could also be printed from HS if that’s what you need to do. There’s no way to leave it on the server though.

If you have control of the source they could email in to a different email account that was not checked by HelpSpot.