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Links in Live Lookup result


In the overview for live lookups there is a screen shot of a live lookup result with Links: at the bottom and two hyperlinks under it. I would like to be able to reproduce it but I can work out how and I don’t seem to be able to find anything about it. Can it be done and how would I do it?
I am getting Clients from another web app but each client has one or many projects that I would like to be able to provide links to when the Client live lookup is returned. At the moment I am using the AJAX custom field to get the projects list for the user to select for the request creation but that doesn’t allow the user the ability to go to the project details via a link as seen in the screen shot. Any help would be great.



Yes, you can do it. All you need to do is inside one of your XML tags use a cdata block. You can then return any arbitrary HTML you like within the cdata block and HelpSpot will display it.


Thanks Ian it worked a charm.