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Linux + SQL Server installation combination


We are trying to install on a RHEL linux server, but have the database backed by our corp SQL Server instances (this is our traditional app/db setup), but the installer doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge that there is SQL Server connectivity through freetds/pdo_dblib (which is installed when you install php53-mssql package) as it appears the installer it’s looking exclusively for the Windows+PHP extensions (it can’t see the pdo_msssql extension I think). Is there a way to have it recognize the SQL Server connection through the freetds/dblib via the pdb_dblib extension?


Hi Tim,

You won’t be able to install in that configuration. HelpSpot only uses the MS provided extension (Windows only) not freetds.

So on Linux you’ll need to use MySQL or Postgres.


That’s too bad. That should be called out here:

Plus I’m curious why if SQL Server is a supported configuration for the DB, why the transport/driver to that really matters – are there any plans to add support for PDO dblib? Otherwise we’ll have to scuttle our planned trial, as neither of the remaining options meet our corp requirements.