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Lists don't always show international characters


I’m using an ISO-8859-1 language but it appears that lists, such as the “filter” list, queues etc. don’t display non us-ascii characters such as áíúýóæþ characters correctly. Tried both Firefox and IE6, both don’t show the “international” characters.

Maybe it’s related to ajax/javascript updates !?

I’ve noticed that in the workspace view (My Queue), it is OK when the browser window is manually refreshed but if Live Refresh is on, it doesn’t show the international characters.

In the filter view, it seems that it doesn’t show the international characters


Hi Gunnar,

You need to enable the mbstring extension in PHP. Doing so should fix those live refresh issues.


Excellent. I had the default Windows setup from you so I hadn’t changed the php.ini.
I only uncommented the extension in the php.ini file and things got right !!


Appreciate your lightning fast responses.


No problem. Yeah, in the next release (version 2) the installer will setup mbstring as well.

Let us know if you need anything else.