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Live Lookup / Active Directory Errors


When attempting to configure Live Lookup for our Helpspot instance, we are receiving the following error:

XML Parser Returned Error: Not well-formed (invalid token) (4)
Source Path:
Call Type: http

PHP Warning: ldap_search(): Search: Operations error in C:\Program Files (x86)\helpspot\helpspot\livelookup\live_lookup_ad_and_ldap.php on line 64

The referenced line of code is as follows:

$search = ldap_search($ad, $dn, $filter, $attrs)
or die ("ldap search failed: ".ldap_error($ad));

The ldap_search parameters are as follows:

$ad = ldap_connect($host)
or die( “Could not connect!” );

$host = “ldap://SERVER_ADDRESS:389”;

$dn = “DC=bna,DC=tbr,DC=state,DC=tn,DC=us:389”;

$filter = ‘sn=’.’*’;

$attrs = array(‘givenname’,‘uid’,‘cn’,‘sn’,‘mail’,‘telephonenumber’);

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


It’s hard to say from that exactly what the error may be but it’s usually easiest to debug by going directly to the LiveLookup script and passing in ?email= to test it and see the output.


Could you please clarify something? Are you indicating that I should attempt to process in the browser the URL:{EMAIL_ADDRESS_HERE}

When I submit to the browser a URL like the one listed here, after about 10 seconds, I am awarded with a generic HTML500 error. Interestingly, I receive the same generic error if I process the URL without the “?email=” extension.

Can you provide any further assistance? Please advise at your convenience. Thank you.


Yes, that’s likely because there’s some sort of either syntax error in the PHP or perhaps a timeout. Somethings got to be off in the code.