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Live Lookup and


We use for our CRM. Has anyone successfully linked Salesforce to HelpSpot using Live Lookup? It would be nice for us to have, but I don’t have the time right now to figure out how to get everything properly connected.


I believe customers have, though I don’t have the source of their Live Lookup scripts.

The sales force API seems very complete so I’m sure it’s possible, but it looks like it may take a bit of work to figure out that API. They do have PHP and other code to get you rolling with.


I’ll go see what I can learn from Salesforce.

If there is anyone who has successfully linked Salesforce and HelpSpot, I would be willing to pay for a script and help getting it setup.


I looked into this for our business but you have to have the Enterprise or Ultimate editions of Salesforce to be able to use the APIs. Since we are a little shop, those editions of Salesforce are out of reach to us. I’d be more interested in a script to connect to something open source like SugarCRM.


Thanks Rik. I’ll save you from all the details, but the short story is that we worked with David to develop a SalesForce Live Lookup integration script and only realized near the end of development that it won’t work for pro accounts. It blows my mind that SF doesn’t have their API open to all levels. We will be releasing the script shortly though so at least customers with Enterprise or Ultimate accounts can use it.

We are also interested in doing something for Sugar. The SalesForce script was written by an outside developer and we may look at using him for a Sugar script as well now that he’s familiar with Live Lookup. I don’t have a time frame for this, but it’s definitely on our radar.