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Live Lookup Custom Fields like "mobile"


I finally got Live Lookup working with Domino, it being an LDAP server.

Is there a way that I can populate custom fields with live lookup?

The perfect example would be the mobile field which is automatically pulled from life lookup but not populated on the ticket.


Not currently, but that will be an option in v2 which we’re working on currently.


great looking forward to v2 when is the ETA on it?


We don’t give exact dates, but betas of it should be coming out over the spring.


I’ve got the same issue, Oscar. Right now, since it is really only one field, it is not a big deal. Since it is returned in LiveLookup on-screen, we highlight & copy the one field of data and paste it into the field we want, and then hit the Insert Customer Information button.

One thing I found cool, though, is I built our own web-page “portal” to integrate with our Active Directory and existing ASP web infrastructure. HelpSpot does accept the custom fields from the online web form. So when we force-authenticate the user, we run a query just like LiveLookup and populate all the fields on our custom portal form, which is then submitted to HS.


I should mention that if you want to get “fancy” there is a hack around this. It’s good enough for now until v2 comes out with the ability to set custom fields from LL.

Part of HelpSpot is the prototype javascript library. You can make use of the library in your Live Lookup results to set the custom fields. Here’s how.

Say you return a Live Lookup tag for location:

Building 12

And you want to be able to set that to a custom field. What you can do rather than copy and paste is add a link to the displayed results that will add it at a click. The code to do this is as follows:

<![CDATA[ Building 12 ]]>

Here’s what this code does. It adds a cdata block so that we can pass HTML back in the results. It wraps an HTML link around the text you want to have inserted. When the link is clicked the javascript in the onclick puts the text inside the link into the custom field.

All you’ll need to change is the content of the link and check which custom field ID you want to insert into. Then switch the 1 in Custom1 with the right number. You can find the custom field ID in the custom field screen.