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Live Lookup Help - I'm no programmer =(


I apologize for posting this here. I get the theory behind this. I’m able to return just a plain xml file by pathing live lookup to point to this, but I need to query the db for customer data to return the correct results.

I’m not a php guru and I’m not sure I need to be, but how can I query the DB and return the results in xml?

I use xml auto when querying MSSQL in query manager which returns the result set in xml, but how do I get this into the xml doc?


Hi Greg,

Well you have a few options. First, do you know another language other than PHP? The live lookup will work with any language though it sounds like from your title that you may not. I don’t know enough about the tools that come with MSSQL, but perhaps there’s a tool that can create the ASP files for you, which connect to the database? You would still need to add a little logic though to make it all work.

If you can’t get it up and running it’s probably something I can help you with, but it would need to be after HelpSpot is released. We want to have some sample Live Lookup files available so yours would be a good one to use as an example of using it with MSSQL (of course we wouldn’t include your private database details).



Thanks for the response. I’m sure I can hammer something out. I know sql so I’m sure all I need to do is pass the live look up fields to my query and then return the result set as it’s already returned as xml. When I get this I’ll let you know what I did.


If you know SQL that is just about enough to get you there. You should checkout this tutorial for PHP/MSSQL. It looks like you could just about cut and paste it and get live lookup to work with a few tweaks:

At it’s simplest you’ll only need to do a simple query that returns users by matching the customer id. You could get a bit more advanced by searching against both the customer ID and/or email. A final step would be to first check the customer id, if not found then run a search with the email and if that fails try a search with the last name.

Let me know how you make out.